[bittorrent] bittorrent peers behind nat

giovanni.distasi at unina.it giovanni.distasi at unina.it
Fri Jun 25 16:01:00 EDT 2010

   Hi everyone,

we are dealing with the following network scenario: two private  
wireless mesh networks, each of which behind a Linux machine acting as  
nat. The addressing inside the mesh networks is private.

What we would like to support is a scenario where:

1) mesh peers can transfer towards mesh peers inside the same mesh  
network (using private addressing).
2) mesh peers can transfer towards any peer which has a public ip  
addresses (any host on the Internet)
3) mesh peers can transfer towards mesh peers which are inside the  
second mesh network

I think that some techniques of nat traversing are required. In our  
case we can leverage tecniques where the control of the NAT router is  
possible (which, as I said, are Linux box, or more precisely PlanetLab  

Can you give some hints on what tecnique we can use, and which  
bittorrent client. The clients will have to run in OpenWRT boxes, so  
clients like Ctorrent, Rtorrent or transmissioncli would be fine.

Thanks a lot,

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