[bittorrent] Why the remote peers refused the connection?

for_sth for_sth at 163.com
Mon Jun 21 10:34:50 EDT 2010


I don't set the maximum upload or download speed.
(I had test the uploading speed in LAN when my bt client was a seeder. The uploading speed was only about 10KB/s.
And the downloading speed was about 130KB/s in LAN when there is only one seeder and one peer.)

But my TCP connections are limited to a maximum of 8 because of the limited resource of my platform,
and I'm not sure if that would affect the download speed. 

在2010-06-16 01:21:27,"Adrian Ulrich" <torrent at blinkenlights.ch> 写道:
>> Any advice to improve the downloading speed? 
>How about uploading data to remote peers?
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