[bittorrent] UT peer connections

Harold Feit dwknight at depthstrike.com
Thu Jan 21 09:02:56 EST 2010

Requests and pieces indicate an active connection. uTorrent by default
disconnects peers that are inactive for over 5 minutes. (When a peer
reaches 6 minutes of inactivity, all peers over 5 minutes are dropped

Actively transferring pieces in one direction or the other will reset
the timer back to 0.

Jon Bellamy wrote:
> Just to confirm, i am not disconnecting, UTorrent is is disconnecting from
> me.
> The connections do seem to die when data has stopped being sent
> and keep alive & HAVE messages seem to be at the end of every log.
> I'll measure the period between actual data and disconnection and
> post back.
> However why is UTorrent disconnecting if there are no REQUEST / PIECE
> messages being sent? Azeureus seems to be content to hold connections
> for long periods if for example I am interested but am being choked. It
> seems bizare that UT would disconnect peers just because it has been
> choking them for a period of time. Can you confirm that this is the way
> UT operates?

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