[bittorrent] UT peer connections

Harold Feit dwknight at depthstrike.com
Thu Jan 21 06:40:17 EST 2010

How long after sending ACTUAL data (sending or receiving a piece, not
keepalive since those don't count as activity on uT's side) are you
disconnecting from these peers?

Jon Bellamy wrote:
> I've noticed that my client cannot seem to hold a connection to UTorrent
> peers for longer than about 30mins - 1 hour. After this time all the UT
> peers seem to have lost connection. The strange thing is that it only
> seems to be UTorrent peers that this happens with, Azeureus, BitLord,
> BitCommet etc peers are left working away and my client can happily sit
> there for 24 hours+ and downlaod a complete 4gb+ torrent in one session
> (just with no UT peers left after the first hour).
> I am sure that i am not sending bad messages as other peers are not
> disconnecting me and i have logs showing long data exchanges with
> UTorrent peers (1 hour of sending and receiving pieces, then connection
> lost). I also have keep alive messages implemented so its not that. The
> UT peers are not disconnecting bang on the hour mark, some go after only
> 5 minutes but after one hour they are all gone. I am using plain text
> connections with no encryption.
> The torrents i have been testing on have been large seed / peer torrents
> with thousands of peers. I have observed around 15 UTorrent peers when
> the torrent first starts up and they gradually disconnect over the first
> hour. Is this something anyone else has seen or perhaps some behaviour
> of UTorrent that i am unaware of? Any suggestions would help me out a
> great deal.
> Thanks Guys.
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