[bittorrent] UT peer connections

Jon Bellamy y2jb at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Jan 21 06:19:59 EST 2010

I've noticed that my client cannot seem to hold a connection to UTorrent peers for longer than about 30mins - 1 hour. After this time all the UT peers seem to have lost connection. The strange thing is that it only seems to be UTorrent peers that this happens with, Azeureus, BitLord, BitCommet etc peers are left working away and my client can happily sit there for 24 hours+ and downlaod a complete 4gb+ torrent in one session (just with no UT peers left after the first hour). 

I am sure that i am not sending bad messages as other peers are not disconnecting me and i have logs showing long data exchanges with UTorrent peers (1 hour of sending and receiving pieces, then connection lost). I also have keep alive messages implemented so its not that. The UT peers are not disconnecting bang on the hour mark, some go after only 5 minutes but after one hour they are all gone. I am using plain text connections with no encryption.

The torrents i have been testing on have been large seed / peer torrents with thousands of peers. I have observed around 15 UTorrent peers when the torrent first starts up and they gradually disconnect over the first hour. Is this something anyone else has seen or perhaps some behaviour of UTorrent that i am unaware of? Any suggestions would help me out a great deal.

Thanks Guys.
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