[bittorrent] NauBTilus - secure and survivable BitTorrent-based system with data updates

BeCe boski_cinek at o2.pl
Fri Sep 4 16:01:36 EDT 2009

Harold Feit wrote:
>> Abstract of article:
>> "We present NauBTilus, a new BitTtorrent-based distribution system, 
>> which  enables to survive Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks 
>> and provides mechanism for securing data updates. In NauBTilus we use 
>> proven in practice BitTorrent foundations to create a new network that 
>> would serve a quite different purpose. In the design process we 
>> eliminated some of original BT flaws, like need to have constantly 
>> available tracker.
> A flaw that is already fixed by way of DHT and PEX (except for private
> trackers, but I won't get into those). Not only does the tracker not
> need to be permanent, it also now doesn't need to be there at all.

Yes, it's true. In fact PEX is core technology in NauBTilus, because as
I said it's highly BitTorrent-based (BT in NauBTilus doesn't come from
nowhere;). Additionally, notice that this sentence refers to "original
BT" which didn't have DHT nor PEX.
As for DHT, the problem is a little more complicated. NauBTilus was
designed mainly to handle DDoS attacks. And DHT doesn't solve this
problem. It's still possible to attack vulnerable peers that are
currently responsible for handling specific torrents. Even worse,
combining Sybil attack on DHT with other malicious techniques can turn
swarm into specific kind of botnet that could be use to perform DDoS
(DHT version of DRDoS to be more specific) attack. And turning tool that
suppose to help fight with DDoS/botnets into one of them is definitely
not something you want.
As I said, if you like, I can send you whole article, so you can have
better picture of NauBTilus.
Anyway, thanks for feedback, I always find critical voice most useful.

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