[bittorrent] Maximum number of torrents seeding using btlaunchmany?

Benjamin Welton benjamin.r.welton at wmich.edu
Thu Jun 11 00:24:08 EDT 2009

Thanks alot for the quick response. I ended up going away from 
btlaunchmany to another script that was more suited for high torrent 
count serving.


Arnaud Legout wrote:
> Hi,
> we have succeeded to launch around 200 btdownloadheadless.py clients 
> per machine (which is essentially
> btlaunchmany.py) on a modern 4GB, 7200rpm SATA drive. The main issue 
> you will face
> (far before memory, CPU, or thread issues) is hard drive limitation.  
> Running  a lot of  parallel torrents will require
> a lot of random disk accesses.
> In case you want to make an evaluation/academic study/prototype using 
> the python client is the way to go.
> It is the cleanest (in terms of protocol specification) open source 
> code and it is still up to date.
> If you want to build a large scale service around BT, I would 
> recommend to use another client
> as the python client was never intended to seed a large number of 
> torrents. I would recommend to give a try to
> the uTorrent client (but it is not open source, and I don't know 
> whether the license let you reuse it), which seems to
> be really lightly weight and efficient in terms of resources consumption.
> Unless most of your torrents are idle (with no leecher) I don't see 
> any client (here again due to the limitation
> of the hard drive) that will be able to seed more than a few thousands 
> of torrents simultaneously.
> Regards,
> Arnaud.
> Benjamin Welton wrote:
>> Hey all,
>>     Im not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this question 
>> (so if it isnt forgive me) but i am wondering what the maximum number 
>> of torrents that can be safely seeded using the btlaunchmany.py 
>> script? Are we talking thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, or 
>> "unlimited"? I am looking at integrating this script in an automated 
>> file generation process to serve up torrents automatically and id 
>> like to know if im going to run into issues after a while by using it 
>> (after looking at the source the fact that it uses python threads 
>> concerns me that maybe after a few thousand files are being served 
>> that issues would arise due to the threads fighting over the Python 
>> GIL).
>> Thanks,
>> Benjamin Welton
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