[bittorrent] (Somewhat offtopic) pool.ntp.org-like tracker ?

Harold Feit dwknight at depthstrike.com
Tue Jun 9 06:48:16 EDT 2009

Adrian Ulrich wrote:
>> I had that sort of a system running for a few years actually. My
>> original network has fallen down to just one system
> Interesting! Did you own all of the systems? Why did it fall down
> to one system?
I didn't own all the systems and the other maintainers just sort of fell
off the face of the earth.

>> I just used multitracker instead of round-robin DNS because some systems
>> in [...] Additionally, failover in case of a tracker
>> being down happens without intervention from outside scripting for the
>> most part.
> Multitracker might be simpler to implement but it has two big disadvantages:
>  - You must tell people to use the *correct* tracker-list while creating torrents
>    This is easy in a private environment but won't work for an open tracker
I use a special upload system. Rewrites the .torrents at download time.
Valid concern for wide-open trackers though. My tracker cluster only
tracked authorized torrents.

>  - Old torrents won't know about any new/dead trackers
Yup, covered that. With the way multitracker works though, only new
trackers are a real concern in the situation, old ones just get
attempted then cycled.
> The DNS version will 'just work' and isn't that complicated: ~30 lines of perl code
> should do it. Handling strong/weak systems also isn't hard: The DNS just
> has to return IPs of 'strong' systems more often.

I had actually gone over this in my case study of load balancing. It
takes some fudging to get the DNS to return strong system IPs more often.

Not going to say one system or the other is better, but I used
multitracker because conditions in my system made it better for me.

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