[bittorrent] Best tool for sniffing BitTorrent messages?

Kirk True kirk at mustardgrain.com
Wed Aug 12 17:50:17 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I'm looking at sniffing the requests that various BitTorrent clients 
make in order to improve my prototype client. I started off using 
Wireshark but I can't get it to reliably recognize BitTorrent messages. 
Interestingly the messages my prototype BitTorrent client generates are 
parseable in Wireshark while those interchanged between Transmission are 

So, for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, what is the best tool for sniffing the 
messages that the BitTorrent clients generate? I can use tcpdump, 
Wireshark, etc. to see the TCP traffic, but I'd like a tool that will 
"understand" the requests and display them as BitTorrent messages.

I've got to believe this is possible. I've done this 100 times over for 
HTTP, SMB, my own code, etc.



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