[bittorrent] pex questions

Peng Wang pengvvang at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 12:46:19 EST 2008


I am kind of new to bittorrent and trying to understand Peer exchange (PEX).
But all I can find are wiki pages. They are good starting points, but not
very detailed. Does anybody know any study about PEX to answer questions
like: how much load on the tracker can be reduced by PEX? With the help of
PEX, can we choose a longer announce interval? etc.

The PEX wiki page says: "... For this reason, careful PEX implementation to
prefer peer lists from trackers is strongly encouraged." Is it possible that
peers always get enough peers from PEX, so they do not query the tracker
much, hence resulting in disconnected subgraphs (or a connected graph with
small cuts)?

Greatly appreciated If anyone could point me to any papers, simulation
results, etc!

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