[bittorrent] Bittorrent upload - NAT and port forwarding settings

Thomas Muller ttm at online.no
Thu Dec 4 08:45:06 EST 2008

| do you mean the torrent file or the content which should be shared?

I mean the content - the torrent file stays with the tracker I presume.

| In the first case you do this with for example with HTTP. So 
| you can upload the file.
| Otherwise the uploader doesn't upload to the tracker, but to 
| the other peers. Which means one of them should have an open port.
| If your port is closed the other peer can't connect to you. 
| If the peer has an open port you can connect to him instead.

Thanks - I appreciate that - is the negotiation done between the seed and the
client (peer?), or does the tracker keep track of whether the seeder(s) have the
appropriate ports opened or not?



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