[bittorrent] Bittorrent docs?

xbmuncher xboxmuncher at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 12:45:11 EDT 2008

I'm trying to implement some very basic bittorrent protocol in a python
program. Things I want to do are simple tasks like:
1. read the torrent file, choose which direcs/files to download
2. choose where to save these direcs/files
3. download the torrent & seed it at same time
4. seed only certain files/direcs from a torrent package, these maybe be in
other places on system, so point to their locations

I've downloaded the source for

The problem is its is a very robust amount of code and there is a lot of
"fluff" of other procedures going on like adding things to queues and GUI
procedures. It hard to seperate this from the tasks I'm trying to replicate
in my own program..
*Could someone give me some pointers on what methods/places in the
bittorrent source code that do these 4 things?* If you really want to, you
can even provide me some example code doing these things... but i'll settle
for the pointers. People say to simply "get the source for bittorrent", but
its not that simple.. there's too much to reverse-analyze in it. I wish
there were some docs on the python bitorrent source or protocol, there isn't
though so I'm turning to the advice of the veteran implementers (you).

-thanks for reading
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