[bittorrent] Has my tracker been hijacked

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 08:40:41 EDT 2007


I operate a tracker at


with some .torrent files at:


Until quite recently, whenever I tested my own torrents with the
official BitTorrent client on Mac OS X, only rarely did I find that
anyone else was seeding my torrents.  I also don't generally find many
non-seed peers, nor do my web server logs find that there are many
downloads of my .torrent files from my own site.

However, for quite some time now my log files have been growing to
collosal sizes in just a few days, for example my latest reached 500
MB in seven days.  Curious about this, I used trackerlyze to analyze
my logs and found that I was getting 750 downloads *per day*.

This has me wondering if my tracker is being used to track someone
else's torrents, despite my use of the --allowed_dir flag to
bittorrent-tracker.py to limit the torrents to those on my own server.

Is there a straightforward way to tell from my log file whether I'm
tracking torrents other than my own?

Also I'm very suspicious that my security has been breached because
recently all of my torrents were deleted from my server!  My hosting
service doesn't think their security had been breached, nor do I think
it could have been some kind of accident.

Here is my tracker command line:

nohup /usr/bin/python /home/rippit/bin/bittorrent-tracker.py --port 6969 \
 --dfile /home/rippit/BitTorrent/tracker.dat \
 --allowed_dir /home/rippit/web/active \
 --logfile $logfile &

I think I'm using BitTorrent version 4.3.0.  I realize this is very
old - have their been any security holes found since then?

Thanks for your advice,

Michael David Crawford
mdcrawford at gmail dot com

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