[bittorrent] Changing Allowed Fast meaning ?

tiennou tiennou7 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 09:35:07 EDT 2007

Hi !

As I'm proof-reading my code on Fast Peers, questions rose in my mind  
(again ;-)) regarding the Fast Peers Extension and its ALLOW-FAST  
message :
The spec says that the message contains an index corresponding to an  
allowed fast piece.
The allowed fast set generation algorithm "produces piece indices  
unique to the message receiver".
I'm now wondering that for any peer I connect to, I already know  
everything needed to generate its allowed set (and even mine when I  
started the torrent), I only lack one thing, the number of fast  
allowed pieces (k in the spec)...
This mean the ALLOW-FAST message could be changed to include the  
allowed set size of the peer instead of the allowed piece info, so  
that a peer can calculate another peer fast allowed set.

What do you think of this ?


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