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Tony Arcieri tony at clickcaster.com
Wed Oct 31 17:44:40 EDT 2007

My apologies if this is off-topic for this list, but I thought it might be
of interest.

DistribuStream is an open source (GPL) implementation of the Peer
Distributed Transfer Protocol, an open peer-to-peer communications protocol
which facilitates streaming progressive downloads.  You can read about it


Unlike BitTorrent, DistribuStream facilitates streaming progressive
downloads, making it an open alternative to proprietary protocols like
Joost.  It was developed as a collaboration between ClickCaster, Inc. and
the University of Colorado Computer Science Program.

PDTP has been registered with the IANA and received a port assignment of

The protocol is philosophically different from BitTorrent which relies on
emergent, swarm-like behavior for traffic scheduling.  In PDTP, all
client/server and peer-to-peer communications can be modeled as simple state
machines.  The onus of traffic scheduling is placed entirely on the server.

Rather than metafiles, PDTP resources are identifiable by URI alone.  The
entire protocol is file-based rather than bundle-based but supports multiple
concurrent file transfers using a single client/server connection.

Client/server communication is accomplished with a lightweight JSON
asynchronous messaging format (presently running over TCP).  Peer-to-peer
communication is accomplished with HTTP/1.1.  The entire protocol behaves as
an ad hoc HTTP caching proxy network.

The main feature is its facilitation of progressive streaming downloads,
making it comparable to proprietary protocols like Joost.

The present implementation is early beta quality, but I'd love to begin
getting feedback.

Tony Arcieri
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