[bittorrent] Web seeding

Janek Walkenhorst jwalkenhorst at stud.hs-bremen.de
Wed Oct 31 15:02:16 EDT 2007


> IIUC, the newer (GetRight) spec is better because it relies on the underlying features of the HTTP as a protocol, so you don't need anything but a plain ol' HTTP server, while the older one relies on the presence of the dynamic pages on the server where the host language (PHP, ASP, Ruby, Perl, Python) would interpret query string and send back pieces of the file(s) back.
That's exaclty why I suppose to use the GetRight spec. That makes it
very easy to host a file with checksumming and lower bandwidth
consumation and higher reliability.
Therefore I strongly recommend GetRight's spec.

> Which clients do you know implement Web seeding? I know uTorrent should have full support soon, and supposedly libtorrent and BitComet have it too (all support GetRight spec), while Azureus should support both specs?
uTorrent uses web-seeds with the GetRight specification (at least for
single file torrents) ok since 1.7.1.
But one can't add them manually, you have to edit the .torrent yourself.

That much I have veryfied.

I am about to try this again with 1.7.5 :)
Yes, that works too.

- Janek

P.S. If this mail arrives twice I am sorry...

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