[bittorrent] A few questions regarding extended messages and DHT

ntorrent.20.draza at spamgourmet.com ntorrent.20.draza at spamgourmet.com
Wed Oct 31 08:55:19 EDT 2007

> While doing the handshake, the remote peer just tells you:
>  #1 What eproto extensions it does support (everything listed && != 0)
>  #2 What Id the peer will use to SEND eproto messages to YOU
> m => { ut_pex = 5 } just means that the peer will use an id 
> of '5' to send ut_pex messages to you.
> It does NOT mean that the peer is expecting ut_pex messages 
> with an id of 5. You are free to choose (hardcode) your own
> ids for messages that YOU send.

I spoke too soon... The latest uTorrent does just the reverse of what you
wrote above (even though your reasoning is perfectly valid AFAICT).

So, uTorrent 1.7.5 sends me the id of the extension *I* sent to it, and
expects me to send to it the extension *it* sent to me.

Since extended messaging is a joint spec by the authors of uTorrent and
libtorrent, I also tried Deluge (based on libtorrent and reasonably often
updated). Curiously though, Deluge seems to accidentally work by mapping
ut_pex extension to 1 (uTorrent always does this) thus avoiding the problem.

Should I assume that uTorrent is broken?


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