[bittorrent] btlaunchmany threads always dying on Debian etch

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 01:55:08 EDT 2007

I am setting up a Debian Etch system as a dedicated bittorrent seed
for the torrents found at http://www.oggfrog.com/music

I have my .torrent files in /etc/btlaunchmany/active and the payload
files in /var/bittorrent/torrentfiles

If I test with btdownloadcurses or btdownloadheadless, right away the
files are verified and seeded.

But if I use btlaunchmany, I get a bunch of error messages. My command line is:

btlaunchmany /etc/btlaunchmany/active --minport 40000 --maxport 40010
--max_upload_rate 128

btlaunchmany is run from the directory where they payload files are;
debian etch's bittorrent version is 3.4.2-10 which, in the Debian
tradition, way out of date but patched to fix security holes.   This
version doesn't appear to support the --data_dir option.

the error messages are:

/etc/btlaunchmany/active/Michael David Crawford - Geometric Visions
1994 - Ogg Vorbis q6: try 5 died, retry in 1

/etc/btlaunchmany/active/Michael David Crawford - Geometric Visions
1994 - Ogg Vorbis q6: Spd: 0 B/s:0 B/s Tot: 0.0 M:0.0 M [starting]

Michael David Crawford - Geometric Visions 1994 - Ogg Vorbis
q6.torrent died 6 times, added to dead list

so it looks like my seed threads are repeatedly and immediately dying,
but I can't figure out why. Google and the Debian bug database don't
yield any insights.  I also posted on the debian-user list but no one
has responded.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Michael David Crawford
mdcrawford at gmail dot com

   Enjoy my art, photography, music and writing at
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