[bittorrent] Advertising Piecesize + Request Queue (= outstanding 0x07 messages)

Adrian Ulrich torrent at blinkenlights.ch
Thu Nov 22 14:35:08 EST 2007

Hi Josef,

> Nothing for piecesize, but maximum request queue length can be  
> communicated via the "reqq" item in the extension handshake,  

Oh, this is almost exactly what i'm looking for :-)

> I don't see any real advantage to changing piece size from 16 KB.

16KB are okay for the internet. But if you are going to use BitTorrent with something
such as a 10Gb-Link it might not be ideal to use such 'small' values (Speed / CPU-Time).

Some clients support chunksizes > 16Kb without any problems, but currently there is no way
for a downloading peer to know what chunksizes the remote does support.

Let me rephase the question: Would there be any harm if clients would advertise the max-chunksize?

Even ESMTP has such a feature ;-) [EHLO -> SIZE]

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