[bittorrent] DHT - Clarifying the spec

Adrian Ulrich torrent at blinkenlights.ch
Sat Mar 3 05:02:16 EST 2007

> I don't agree at all that it's 'nice' to accept things that are outside the
> spec. For example accepting ints even though the spec says otherwise.

The spec says you shall use a 'single character string value'.
but uses INTs and Strings in the example packets:

 generic error = {'t':0, 'y':'e', 'e':[201, "A Generic Error Ocurred"]}
 bencoded = d1:eli201e23:A Generic Error Ocurrede1:ti0e1:y1:ee

  Response = {"t":"0", "y":"r", "r": {"id":"mnopqrstuvwxyz123456"}}
  bencoded = d1:rd2:id20:mnopqrstuvwxyz123456e1:t1:01:y1:re

So what does uTorrent do?

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