[bittorrent] DHT - Clarifying the spec

Ludvig Strigeus strigeus at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 04:37:07 EST 2007

I don't agree at all that it's 'nice' to accept things that are outside the
spec. For example accepting ints even though the spec says otherwise.

If implementations reject messages that are invalid, then implementators
that break the spec will sooner realize that they have done something wrong.
This will lead to that the average quality of the DHT implementations will

Just compare it to the IE4-fiasco where it allowed invalid HTML (missing end
tags / etc). Then all other browsers had to emulate the all those
undocumented quirks to be able to render bad quality pages in the same way
that IE did.


On 3/3/07, Adrian Ulrich <torrent at blinkenlights.ch> wrote:
> Hi,
> > But does it allow any bencoded value? such as lists and dictionaries?
> No, i'm only accepting int/strings
> http://bittorrent.org/Draft_DHT_protocol.html#example_packets
> | Every message has a key "t" with a single character string value
> | representing a transaction ID.
> It's clear that 't' has to be a string (accepting int is 'nice') but
> it's unclear how long a 'single character string' is ;-)
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