[bittorrent] IPv6 support in BitTorrent Clients

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Sun Jun 3 05:35:11 EDT 2007


We've recently setup an IPv6-Only BitTorrent Tracker which has a
couple of permanent seeds on highspeed connections thus assuring that
the .torrents being made available are available quickly to the
downloaders. The catalog (http://www.sixxs.net/tools/tracker/catalog/)
contains user submitted files which are then torrented and
automatically seeded by the seeders, thus providing a highbandwidth
distribution service of any file that people might like.

I've been testing out a number of BitTorrent clients to see if they
are IPv6 capable, but it seems most are not. The following list has
been compiled upto now, with at the bottom a life-statistics of
clients that the Tracker has seen to have claimed to transfer data.
(note my careful wording there, as anything can send a silly HTTP
string to claim that they did transfer data :)

See http://www.sixxs.net/tools/tracker/clients/ for the list.
If you can provide others that do/do not work, don't hesitate to yell.

It seems a lot of clients can contact the tracker over IPv6, as it is
HTTP based, but are unable to bind/listen on a local IPv6 socket and
then actually work. The red versions at the bottom fall in that category.

Currently the Tracker simply ignores the "compact" option, as the
4-bytes of course can't contain an IPv6 address. I noticed that back
in January 2005 there was some discussion about this, but what exactly
was the verdict of this? As such, should the Tracker support the
peer_ipv6 option and do any clients actually support that?


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