[bittorrent] Bittorrent Simulation / Emulation

Kolja Eger eger at tuhh.de
Mon Dec 3 04:34:19 EST 2007

Hi Breno,

we implemented BitTorrent like networks for ns2. Thereby, we realized 
and compared a packet-level and a flow-level approach.

Source code is available at 

The paper K. Eger, T. Hossfeld, A. Binzenhoefer, G. Kunzmann, 
*"Efficient Simulation of Large-Scale P2P Networks: Packet-level vs. 
Flow-level Simulations"*, 2nd Workshop on the Use of P2P, GRID and 
Agents for the Development of Content Networks (UPGRADE-CN'07) 
summarizes our experiences. It is available at the same webpage.



Breno Jacinto wrote:

> Hello,
>     Does anyone knows any Bittorrent Simulation or Emulation study? I 
> could find some, but none of them is open source or there wasnt even 
> any information necessary to reproduce the experiments.
>     BTW, is anyone using the NCTUns ( 
> http://nsl.csie.nctu.edu.tw/nctuns.html) for emulating networks? It 
> supports emulating a network and the running real applications on it, 
> such as BitTorrent.
> regards,
> - Breno
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