[bittorrent] compact ip problem

André ghost.ued at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 08:12:29 EDT 2007

well, in my own tests the format in the spec is recognized by Azureus,
uTorrent and KTorrent, the 3 clients I've been using to test my
tracker responses.

The strange detail i've facing about compact responses its that when i
send 10 identical peers in a response (10 identical  ip/port pairs )
Azureus states he has received 10 peers, while uTorrent states only 1.
if i send 9 identical peers and 1 different, Azureus keeps stating he
has received 10 peers, while uTorrent starts stating  he has received
2 peers.

but in a real world we would not send identical peers, so it doesn't matter....


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