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> IIRC there was an issue with Azureus not looking back after it had started
> super seeding (meaning that if one of my superfeeded peers leave, it didn't
> sent again the missing pieces)...

The word "issue" seems too strong.  Since Azureus falls out of Super-Seeding
when it reaches the last piece, any such pieces become available to the
swarm, again, in normal seeding mode.

Also, be careful you don't write yourself into a loop.  After you send a
piece, BitComet will eventually disconnect from the Super-Seeder as it sees
the Super-Seeder as a peer who is no longer INTERESTED nor vice-versa.  So
the piece that you delivered to a BitComet peer 60-90 seconds before will
disappear (it will show up a few minutes later, after it has been spread to
others by the BitComet peer).  You should be safe as long as you don't react
to a peer's leaving right away.

> Side note : It seems the docs for the DHT spec have dissappeared from
> bittorrent.org (though I managed to get them back from web.archive.org).
> Strange thing is that the link fallback to the FPE spec...

I reported this to their Support page 2-3 weeks ago!
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