[bittorrent] State of Super-seeding

tiennou tiennou7 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 10:52:53 EDT 2007

Hi !

I'm working on implementing Superseeding and the Fast Peers Extension  
in Transmission, and I find the spec lacking some information :
- Is it really useful to implement Superseeding ? (There's a post in  
the archives saying that the updated choke algorithm was now  

- The spec says that I should "masquerade as a normal client with no  
data", but I'm at a loss with what to do about the tracker ?
	Right now I'm thinking :
	* Tell tracker I have no data
	* Process tracker data to know if I can super-seed
	* If I can't super-seed, re-tell tracker I have the data (but isn't  
that hammering ?)

- Superseeding can be used at anytime, right ? The only thing is that  
I should be the only seed.

Please forgive me if my questions are too dumb ;-)

Etienne Samson

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