[bittorrent] IO bound

Adrian Ulrich torrent at blinkenlights.ch
Fri Apr 13 10:48:01 EDT 2007

> Also, to do it the "smart" way with bitfield and have messages, you will
> have to disconnect/reconnect peers in order to send a new BitField messages
> when you change the pieces you're advertising.

Yes. But if disconnecting is a need depends on the problem you are going
to solve. I'd say that it is not needed if you just would like to bring
down random-io on your disc system.

But a HAVE_NOT_ANYMORE message in BitTorrent would solve this and would
be trivial to implement. (But it would take years untill all clients
are implementing this .. again ..)

> This can also lead to reduced throughput, which i believe is one of the criticisms of the existing
> superseeding method using bitfield/have messages.

BT is used to transfer GB of data. Polluting the network with some
small HAVE messages does way less harm than clients sending broken data
or unrequested piece (this happens all the time..)

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