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Joris Guisson joris.guisson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 07:53:46 EDT 2007

KTorrent ignores suggest piece messages. I have not found much use for them.
Didn't feel like rewriting my chunk selection algorithm just so I can take
into account these suggestions.


On 4/12/07, Alan McGovern <alan.mcgovern at gmail.com> wrote:
> Alternatively, use a bittorrent library that supports the FastPeers
> extensions (it's an official extension to the protocol).
> Those extensions contain a message known as a "SuggestPiece" message which
> you can send to other clients to suggest that they should request a
> particular piece off you. That's exactly what you want!

I'd say for best performance, you'd need to tune the library for your
> specific needs. What you'd want is a library that supports a memory buffer
> for storing pieces and has sufficient logic to be able to send
> "SuggestPiece" messages for the pieces just loaded into memory to all peers
> which do not have the piece so it will be requested. It'd also need to keep
> that piece in memory while it's still likely that peers will follow that
> suggestion so as to avoid having the reload it into memory relatively soon
> after dropping it from memory.
> Off the top of my head, i don't know any library that does that. The only
> four clients that have implemented fast peers (to my knowledge) are:
> 1) Mainline
> 2) Bitflu
> 3) Ktorrent
> 4) My own library, MonoTorrent.
> Out of those, which would offer the best performance, i'd say definitely
> not mine, as i haven't implemented the logic i described above. Bitflu and
> Ktorrent both have fairly recent support for fast peers, so i don't know how
> tuned they are, which leaves MainLine.
> You're best option would be to benchmark those clients and see for
> yourself. Bear in mind that both the seeding and leeching client need to be
> fastpeers compatible to use the SuggestPiece message.
> Alan.
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