[bittorrent] Instrumentation of the BitTorrent mainline client publicly available

Arnaud Legout Arnaud.Legout at sophia.inria.fr
Wed Sep 6 16:43:41 EDT 2006


I am pleased to announce that the instrumentation of the BitTorrent 
mainline client used
for the paper:

A. Legout, G. Urvoy-Keller, and P. Michiardi. *Rarest First and Choke 
Algorithms Are Enough*.
To appear in /Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM/USENIX IMC'2006/,
October 25--27, 2006, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

is now publicly available from this URL:

The instrumentation consists of: a log of each BitTorrent message sent or
received with the detailed content of the message, a log of each
state change in the choke algorithm, a log of the rate estimation
used by the choke algorithm, and a log of important events (end game
mode, seed state).

You can freely use this instrumentation as long as you acknowledge its 

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

Arnaud Legout.

Arnaud Legout, Ph.D.

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