[bittorrent] We hire python and c++ professionals

TCUAG telecontrol at t-online.de
Thu Oct 5 04:20:23 EDT 2006

We hire for a new project (GUI + videoplayer) Flash-Professionals or Java

Please provide
- fulltime or freelancer
- telecommuting or Koblenz
- your skills
- your salary €/h

Petra Bauersachs , CEO   
TC Unterhaltungselektronik AG
56073 Koblenz, Germany
Tel: 0049 0172 65 84 139, 
telecontrol at t-online.de, www.telecontrol.de
Frankfurt Stock Exchange: 745420 

P.S. We still hire 
- Peer to peer software (XP)
- Migration to Linux

- Active X, Firefox Plugins, GUI

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