[bittorrent] DHT: How to reply to get_peers when I have neither any peers nor closer nodes?

Josef Drexler jd284 at cornell.edu
Thu Nov 16 12:06:36 EST 2006

Adrian Ulrich wrote:
>>Somehow the transaction is an eight-byte string too instead of 
>>the required single character string, so it's probably a broken client.
> This is a different issue: A lot of implementations are sending too long
> transaction-id's. I'd recommend to accept them but avoid send them
> yourself.

Thanks for your reply.  It turned out that I did have a bug in my handling 
of transaction IDs longer than a byte, which was probably why I never 
received any announce_peer messages since the get_peers reply wouldn't have 
a valid transaction ID.  Well, technically it was valid according to the 

On a related note (if you don't mind), is there any recommendation on how to 
decide whether to track a torrent?  Currently I do it if the info hash falls 
in my bucket range, but that means I'm tracking between 400-500 torrents 
which seems a little excessive.  Is that a normal number?

Josef Drexler

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