[bittorrent] Bittorrent Messages

Brett Cooper bac15 at uakron.edu
Fri May 19 13:45:37 EDT 2006

Does anyone know the ordering and the properties of the messages being
sent using the peer wire protocol in order to download a file?  I have
set up the peer wire protocol messages, but if I request more than 1
piece, the connection gets dropped.  I first connect to the peer via TCP
and handshake, then I try to declare that I am interested.  Next, I try
to tell the peer that I am unchoked, and try to request a given piece. 
I have been analyzing packets with ethereal, and I can see the handshake
being sent and received, but no other messages appear to be being sent
or received.  I should note that I am using Java and DataOutputStream
and DataInputStream via a TCP socket for each peer.  Any help or
suggestions would be great!  Thanks.

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