[bittorrent] bits between PeerID and Bitfield?

Sebastian Hellmann sebastian at realitylost.de
Fri May 19 07:47:44 EDT 2006

apparently i got a tcp connection and also got the handshake done - but now I'm confused about the data I get after the 68-byte handshake.

are there any additional bits beetween the peerID ( handshake-reply) and the bitfield?

i checked some peers of which i know that they have the whole file and always get the same bits between the hs and the bitfield:


I don't know if it is exactly that number of bytes but after that there are only 1's. 

shouldn't there be just 1's if the peer has got all index? 
is this some kind of protocol extension -  the spec says that the bitfield follows (if not skipped when nothing is availible)  directly after the  peerid of the hs.

And where is the byte that says that this is a bitfieldmsg ( first line?--> 00011111    ( 5x1= msgtype 5-bitfield) ???)

can anybody help me to interpret this data?

greets seb

p.s.: i only referred to one torrentfile when i tried this.
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