[bittorrent] Connecting tp Peers Via TCP Handshake

Sebastian Hellmann sebastian at realitylost.de
Mon May 8 16:58:11 EDT 2006


I'm implementing a tool to gahter statistic data about the bittorrent-network. ( it's a student project)

My problem  is to connect to a peer via TCP.

The trackers I connect to only anwers in compact mode and so i don't get the peerID. The specs on bittorrent.org says that the handshake requires the peerID
to authenticate the peer: "If the receiving side's peer id doesn't match the one the initiating side expects, it severs the connection."

First I thought I would get the peer id by using the DHT protocol to connect to the ip's I get from the tracker as nodes an send a get_peer request but this also returns only ips ( and ports) in compact mode?

is there a way to connect to peers without the id ? i found nothing in the spec and on other sites.

i hope someone can help me out , i'm kind of stuck with this and it's not to trivial for this mailinglist but i tried to get help in some other forums and nothing happend...

greets seb
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