[bittorrent] accessing tracker info locally (not via scrape)

Harold Feit dwknight at depthstrike.com
Mon May 8 11:00:33 EDT 2006

Several tracker packages (outside of the mainline package) support other
 statistics storing and retrieval methods, such as MySQL or a timed dump
of the scrape data to the hard drive. Perhaps one of these methods is
what you're looking for.

etienne deleflie wrote:
> Hi,
> excuse me for the newbie question ....
> I've got a tracker running on my server, and a podcast with torrent 
> enclosures .... I just want to publish, within the podcast, the number 
> of complete downloads to date for that particular torrent .... (I dont 
> want to use HTTP GET scrape thing .. shouldn't be necessary, the podcast 
> is being published from the same server as the podcast).
> is there a python call I can use that will hook me in directly to the 
> tracker?  .... cant seem to find any doco on this.
> Etienne
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