[bittorrent] when users are behind a transparent proxy, it is possible to trace their real IP address ?

Olaf van der Spek olafvdspek at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 09:40:58 EST 2006

On 3/22/06, FYP 2005 <hkucsfyp2005 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Brian.
> I am talking about the most navie way.
> I think I want to know the true IP address of the client who is behind a
> transparent proxy.
> I agree with you . From an end user view , it is pointless to determine the
> ip address of other clients.
> However, I want to know where  other clients come from(coz i am working in a
> computer project for final year). Therefore, I want to find out their IP
> address but not the proxy ip adderss.
> In fact, I have some ideas on that. But i am not sure if it is feasible or
> not .
> As you metioned before, I can look for the X-Forwarded-For header .
> However, X-Forwarded-For header can only be used when a client visit a web
> server.
> Then  the X-Forwarded-For header will be included in the http request.
> Now on my hand, I only have a torrent.
> Can I still able to find out the true ip address of the clients ?
> P.S. I am working on trackers not only running on port 80.

Why don't you work on trackers that don't run on port 80 at all instead?

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