[bittorrent] Not directly on topic, but I believe valuable

Christian Becker chris at fatorange.com
Mon Mar 13 05:04:14 EST 2006

> I don't necessarily require it to be closed source, just that the license
> is
> closed source friendly, the most common of these for open source is the
> license. Azureus isn't an option because it is GPL'd, which prevents
> closed
> source use, but on the plus side it is used by Aelitis as their calling
> card. I guess I should've been more particular in that what I am looking
> for
> is an API to be called, those of you that look at the Auzureus code will
> see
> the Aelitis code linked in, I'm basically looking for the equivalent, and
> looking for more options than Aelitis.
>                 Joe

it sounds like you are interested in automated seeding. As part of a larger
idea, I came up with some shell scripts to do that; basically you get a
service similar to what HE offers.
It's located at http://transparentbt.sourceforge.net/, I haven't had time to
complete a release yet, but the CVS version should work.
Note that GPL doesn't forbid in-house use, for instance. It "only" requires
you to offer your source to those who you offer your binaries to. Also note
that virality does not apply if you can introduce a reasonable amount of
separation - if your application simply calls a BitTorrent client executable
to download or seed something, there shouldn't be a problem. Of course, this
wouldn't allow for integration at API level.

Christian Becker

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