[bittorrent] Bittorrent peer_id ASCII and Unicode?

Olaf van der Spek olafvdspek at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 03:09:47 EST 2006

On 3/13/06, bac15 at uakron.edu <bac15 at uakron.edu> wrote:
> Does anyone know if uTorrent uses Unicode for part of its peer_id?  When
> bdecoding the peer list returned from the tracker, all peers and their
> information appear to
> be probably encoded.  But, the bdecoding fails on a given uTorrent peer_id.  I
> believe the peer_id is suppose to be a 20 byte string used as a (per client)
> unique identifier.  Here is an example of what is happening:
> Connecting to:
> http://torrent.centos.org:6969/announce?info_hash=q%00*k%de%c2%e7f%d3%c9Z7%88%bd%c4%08%83%08%d6_&peer_id=-BT1000-400326084821&port=6881&uploaded=0&downloaded=0&left=2438914304&uploaded=stopped
> Response:
> d8:completei9e10:incompletei1e8:intervali1800e5:peersld2:ip13:
> id20:M4-0-1--d936f6f5d3a14:porti6881eed2:ip13:
> id20:M4-0-4--b0d83d5c59634:porti6881eed2:ip13:
> id20:-UT1500-&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;
> id20:-AZ2400-W7ajaR6Lht7l4:porti49152eed2:ip12:
> id20:-AZ2400-NbSKguVXZGek4:porti6881eeee
> All the other clients appear to be using the Azureus-style or Shadow-style
> peer_id convention.  Is bencoding restricted to only ASCII characters, or can
> there be Unicode characters in it as well?  Thanks for the help.

I think the common assumption is that it's restricted to bytes (0 - 0xff).

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