[bittorrent] Not directly on topic, but I believe valuable

Joseph Ashwood ashwood at msn.com
Mon Mar 13 01:46:24 EST 2006

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From: "David P. Mott" <dpmott at sep.com>
Subject: [bittorrent] Not directly on topic, but I believe valuable

>>    1)A managed dedicated webhosting location that supports BitTorrent
>>    2)Java based implementations of BitTorrent peers (closed-source 
>> friendly
>> license)

> I dunno about #1, but Azureus is implemented in Java.  You can control it
> via it's swing interface.  It also has a built-in tracker that you can
> use.  It's open-source, though.  You can get that from sourceforge.
> I don't know why closed-source product would be a requirement for you, but
> even if you told me why I still wouldn't know of any closed-source BT
> clients (not that there aren't any, I just don't keep track of them).

I don't necessarily require it to be closed source, just that the license is 
closed source friendly, the most common of these for open source is the BSD 
license. Azureus isn't an option because it is GPL'd, which prevents closed 
source use, but on the plus side it is used by Aelitis as their calling 
card. I guess I should've been more particular in that what I am looking for 
is an API to be called, those of you that look at the Auzureus code will see 
the Aelitis code linked in, I'm basically looking for the equivalent, and 
looking for more options than Aelitis.

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