[bittorrent] Problems connecting with tracker

Harold Feit dwknight at depthstrike.com
Thu Mar 9 21:52:42 EST 2006

In PHP what he is talking about would be equvelant to (with a separate
hex2bin function already defined):


which would spit out a urlencoded infohash value of:

Is that of any help?

Harold Feit
Network Administration
Depthstrike Entertainment
dwknight at depthstrike.com

Brett Cooper wrote:
> Brian Dessent wrote:
>> Brett Cooper wrote:
>>> http://torrent.centos.org:6969/announce?info_hash=3d7f02fc1af6a7f9143a6991f6288d1d936b137d?peer_id=-BT1000-387261336287?port=6881?uploaded=0?downloaded=0?left=2147483709?event=started
>>> But, instead of getting a peer list back, I get (depending on the
>>> torrent):
>>> d14:failure reason63:Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.e
>>> or
>>> d14:failure reason40:this tracker is for torrents on TPB onlye
>> You're not encoding the parameters correctly.  It looks like you're
>> sending just straight hexadecimal, but that's incorrect.  Take the raw
>> 20 byte binary hash value and then urlencode that.  You should end up
>> with %nn replacing any byte that is outside of the printable ascii
>> range.  Check RFC1738 or
>> <http://www.blooberry.com/indexdot/html/topics/urlencoding.htm>.  The
>> same applies for peer_id as well, but that is of less importance since
>> most clients pick values that all lie in the printable range so normally
>> no urlencoding is needed there.
>> Brian
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> Brian,
>     I was experimenting with what you suggested in your email.  I guess
> I am a bit confused as what to send to the tracker.  I guess it is not
> clearly defined at: http://wiki.theory.org/BitTorrentSpecification (and
> there are no examples).  Now I know there is a 20 byte SHA1 hash value
> for the value of the info key.  For example,
> "84E6B5AA9F68477BE346BA762DE1A6C84CAED4EE".  Now I believe for a url
> that would be fine, no special characters that need urlencoded.  When
> you say take the raw 20 byte binary hash value, I literally interpret
> that as converting each character in:
> "84E6B5AA9F68477BE346BA762DE1A6C84CAED4EE" into binary code.  Then, I am
> suppose to send the binary code to the tracker or the string
> representation of that binary code or the hex code or?  When you say
> "raw" do you mean the byte array's hex equivalent, their integer values,
> character values? What and how are you suppose to initially send to the
> tracker?  It isn't making sense right now and any direction would be
> helpful.  If you could provide an example, I think it would greatly
> clarify things.  Thanks for the help.
>     - Brett
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