[bittorrent] Protocol Deviation in Mainline

Bram Cohen bram at bitconjurer.org
Thu Mar 2 13:43:28 EST 2006

Elliott Mitchell wrote:

>The official specification continues to state:
>	"'request' messages contain an index, begin, and length. The last
>	two are byte offsets. Length is generally a power of two unless
>	it gets truncated by the end of the file. All current
>	implementations use 2^15, and close connections which request an
>	amount greater than 2^17."
>Sometime between 3.4 and 3.9 the mainline changed so that it would
>request 2^14 (16KB) and drop peers which requested more.
Umm, 'oops'. It's been 2^14 for quite a while (like, years) but I didn't 
update the spec. I believe that all major clients currently use 2^14, 
mostly to avoid granularity issues.

I'll make sure the spec gets updated.


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