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SUDHIR KUMAR gansudkum at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 09:49:47 EDT 2006


This is my first post, Iam currently developing application in whcih, iam
using AzureusCoreFactory for downloading Torrents and associated
TorrentFiles from the peers . But i couldnt make use this core
factory.Ifany one help me in Azureus plugin development it will really
helpful for my

The members who are aware of using azureus core API for plugin development
pls reply me.

*Note: Discarrd this mail if this is the wrong place to post this question*.

AzureusCore core=AzureusCoreFactory().create();
GlobalManager gmgr=core.getGlobalManager();
DownloadManager dmgr= gmgr.addDownloadManager("d:/shakira.torrent","d:/");

output of the above snippet is
*seeds=-1,peers=-1,state=0/Waiting to Scrape,last=0/start=-1,next=-1*

Iam unable to get response of scrape. All the seeds,peers,start and next are
all -1. where did i went wrong. What is still required to get correctly the
peers and seeds correctly.

Thank in advance.
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