[bittorrent] 'Rarest first' question.

Bruno Hertz brrhtz at yahoo.de
Tue Jun 27 17:06:28 EDT 2006

Hello all

I have an issue with 'rarest first', where my logic must be flawed and
I can't figure out why.

Consider a small swarm of let's say 10 peers with one seed, where the
seed is part of all the peers' (initial) peer set. I'm one of the
leechers in this swarm.

Furthermore, let the swarm be in a state where the torrent isn't yet
fully replicated into the swarm.

Now, apparently the single seed owns all the rarest piecest,
i.e. those not yet replicated, and all the other peers, including me,
are aware of that thanks to bitfields and have messages.

What follows is that, if I were to strictly observe 'rarest first',
the only peer I'd ever be interested in at this stage is the single
seed, and I'd just be waiting to be unchoked by it.

Especially, no replication at all would happen amongst the leechers at
this stage.

Clearly, this can't be intended behavior, so I must be missing
something. Any hint what it is?

Thanks in advance, Bruno.


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