[bittorrent] Friend-machines-assisted approach to boosting one's BT download

ByteCool Software coolspeech at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 3 05:23:24 EDT 2006

I have an idea about boosting one's downloading in a swarm, and wish
your kind evaluation and implementation.

Suppose I have several friends whose machines are often idle when I
want to download something via a torrent. These friend machines have
quite good broadband connection speed with my machine. Because of some
agreement between us, they allow me to signal their machines to join a
torrent of my interest.

So these friend machines automatically join a torrent when I do. But
this alone may not help boost my own downloading much. So, I would like
the friend machines and my machine to try download chunks different
from that of each other. As soon as these macihnes combined have all
the chunks, they can quit the torrent (doing so all of a sudden can
harm the rest of the swarm, so somebody advised me that they should
quit one by one in moderate intervals), and transfer their chunks that
I don't have yet to my machine. Of course we assume that downloading
these chunks via the torrent is slower than via the friends-to-me
broadband connections.

So, can this friend-machines-assisted approach make my downloading
faster than my machine alone in the torrent swarm?

Best Regards,
Yao Ziyuan

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