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Sun Jul 9 23:12:38 EDT 2006

>The TCP connection will remain established.

>As long as one (or both) client is 'INTERESTED' (or even unchoked) it
>wouldn't make sense to terminate an established connection.

>Closing the connection would make sense if:
>  - Peer B detects that peer A sends broken data
>  - Peer B waited $much_too_long for any data
>  - A & B are not interested in eachother
>   (eg. both clients got all pieces)

Thank you for reply.

After peer B have finished downloading a piece from peer A , if peer B know
peer A have some pieces which B don't have , B is still interested in A .But
if  these pieces are not rarest for B for a long time , so that B will
select other peer to download its rarest piece ,during this time, do B still
remain the TCP connection with A?
If it do , B maybe keep more TCP connection with some peers like A ,and
those TCP connection are not used to transfer the pieces for a long time . I
think it is wasteful for BT .
By the way, how  can you make the conclusion ? from the BitTorrent spec or
doing experiment or other ? I only want to find the evidence which can
result from .

Best regards,
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