[bittorrent] TCP question

arvid at cs.umu.se arvid at cs.umu.se
Thu Jul 6 06:16:36 EDT 2006

Quoting Thad Ward <coderjoe at grnet.com>:

> On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 03:01:27PM +0800, 2000 eflyer wrote:
> > Hello all
> > 
> > I have a question about TCP connection between peers . As we known, before
> > downloading from  peer A ,peer B which want to download pieces from peer A
> > have to build TCP connection with peer A ,after BT handshake is built ,
> peer
> > B begin to download a piece from peer A .My question is ,is it possible
> for
> > peer B to download two or more pieces from peer A at the same time using
> > this TCP connection ?
> Simultaniously downloading multiple pieces or chunks of a piece from
> peer A? No. However, peer B can queue up multiple requests (which is
> recommended behavior anyway) to peer A, and the requests will be filled
> in order, as long as the connection remains unchoked and the requests
> aren't cancelled.

Just as a side note; there are clients that send the blocks in different order
than they were requested. Bitcomet and microTorrent are two examples.

Arvid Norberg

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