[bittorrent] Getright HTTP/FTP Seeding proposal

Andrew Greig agreig at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 13:01:37 EST 2006

Olaf van der Spek wrote:
>>Why shouldn't a BitTorrent client be able to download from either source, putting all the parts together into one complete file (and even sharing out the pieces it gets from other sources to its Peers as they're validated!)
> Because it increases the complexity of clients.
> Because the HTTP source could just run a BT client if it wanted to
> 'seed' via BT.

The complexity needs to be on the client side, because often people 
don't have much control over the server side.  Many common-or-garden 
virtual web hosts doesn't allow any kind of shell access or running 
extra programs.  All potential seeds can offer is Apache with some 
standard modules, a chunk of web space and a bandwidth allowance.

Consider a different scenario where an extensive http/ftp mirror network 
is already in place.  It would not an easy task to get each mirror admin 
to set up a BT client on their server, then update the client with new 
torrents each time a mirror sync occurs.  I guess this may be a 
situation that Osprey/Permaseed (http://osprey.ibiblio.org/) would cater 
for, however this would still be a big hurdle for mirror admins.

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