[bittorrent] Tracker Request Problem!!

Devraj Raut devraj_raut at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 25 16:42:45 EST 2006

             Hi Guys! Im Devraj. I'm doing a Project on the Bit Torrent Client in  VB.NET. I have just broken my head over the correct info Hash and have  finally come with the right answer. Anybody wanting the code, plz mail  it to me and i'll be more than glad to distribute the info hash  generating code in VB.NET.
               Know, i have problem with sending a request to a tracker. Im using the  Bittorrent .Net Library distributed and coded by David Smith. I dont  know what do i have to do to send a Request for a file to the tracker.  Plz can anyone help me in this case. I'll be very Happy if i get any  help. U guys could also ask me for any heelp required. Thanx a lot.  Waiting in anticipation. Take Care. Cya Guys!!!!

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  By DEVRAJ RAUT !!!  

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