[bittorrent] MissingFieldException Unhandled!!

Kosta Welke kosta at fillibach.de
Sat Feb 18 08:49:44 EST 2006

Devraj Raut wrote:
> Hi Guys! I'm Devraj.

Hi Devraj!

> I get an Exception which is Unhandled . Its Called 
> MissingFieldException. The Message displayed is :
> Field not found: 'System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair`2.Key'.
> The Following is the Stack Trace of the Project when the error occured:

Without the source code, this trace is completely unhelpful. (Please do 
NOT send the source code)

> Plz find out some solution on this. 

No. We are not subscribed to this list to help other learn how to code. 
There are other places that suit that need. Try a C# or .NET help 

Also, I find it a bit disturbing that you didn't write "Please help me 
find", just "Please find". The active person in this whole project 
should be you, not us.

If you have question about the bittorrent protocol (that is not covered 
by the websites you were pointed to), or have a suggestion on how it 
might be improved, please feel free to ask.

Also, could you please send text emails instead of html? I'd appreciate :)


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