[bittorrent] Sending Request to a Peer for a Piece!!

Devraj Raut devraj_raut at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 14 14:19:31 EST 2006

Hi Guys!! I'm also Working on the Bittorrent Protocol in VB.NET. I have reached the part of getting data from the tracker and getting the list of peers also. what i need to know is how do i request for a piece or pieces to a peer once i connect to it. Also, how do i connect to a number of peers. Should i do the peer.Connect() for each peer id in a for( loop) or what should be my logic (or Syntax). Plz help anyone. I'm in Desperate need. I have to Submit my Project by Mid - March. Thanx neways. Cya Take Care. Bye!! 

    Devraj Raut!!

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